About this site

Well, it’s a blog, obviously.

The idea was to gather together the various insights/opinions/inane rants I’ve accumulated from a life spent in various creative endeavors, categorize ’em in broad topics such as “obstacles” and “branding” and “focus” and “adaptability” and “ideation process” and other buzzwords.

In theory this means someone trying to figure out how to approach a given area of their creative practise might stumble on this site via Google and hopefully find something helpful or at least something funny about how I either had a similar issue and got around it or how I had a similar issue and it got the best of me and I screwed up.

Either way.

Plus, as I say here, I’ve tried my hand at all sorts of artsy stuffs, so I have some ideas about cross-fertilization, etc. that may be useful too.

And I think I’m a comedian, so I’ll try to have some laughs along the way.

I shall eventually try to make this a daily short blog with each day having a different topic of focus, like “obstacles” for Mondays because, frankly, the mere existence of the concept of Mondays is a major obstacle to human happiness, that sort of thing. But it’ll probably take me a while to get the ball rolling and the habit formed, so if you’re stumbling on this and it’s been ages since my last post, my bad.

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