About Pyra

Gawd, where to start… Well, I hate writing bios, so I guess there’s that.

More seriously, my background is what some might call “interdisciplinary” and “diverse” but what sane people would call “scatterbrained” and “schizoid”.

I have a wide range of interests and past obsessions ranging from ancient Babylonian and Sumerian language to Crowleyite occultism to technical theatre to anthropology to body piercing to visual arts to bookkeeping to…

Screw it, let’s just do this point form and in no particular order unless I clean it up later on to make it coherent or chronological or whatever, here’s what I’ve had a hand in that I can remember:

  • drawing, painting, cartooning, illustration, webcomics
  • photography, video shooting/editing/etc.
  • podcasting
  • experimental noise, punk, rock,etc. songwriting and creation and performing music
  • college radio DJing
  • audio engineering and music production
  • stand up comedy
  • graphic and web design
  • music journalism
  • assorted writing endeavors from writing comedy to writing erotica (the latter under a couple aliases)
  • indie label music promotion and PR, A&R, being a studio assistant (read: fetching beer and pizza)

My educational background:

  • Did one term of Foundation Year at Emily Carr Institude of Art and Design
  • UBC kept changing majors: Science Year One, Anthropology, Religious Studies (because that’s where the Babylonian stuff gets dumped at UBC), Technical Theatre, music (BA, not BMus)
  • Emily Carr continuing studies: 2D Design certificate
  • BCIT New Media Design
  • Nimbus School of Recording Arts: Audio Engineering & Music Production
  • Langara Professional Bookkeeper Certificate

My work background: LOL, no. Mostly I’ve avoided having real jobs, but when I have worked, it’s been retail a couple times, working for a small indie label in Vancouver for a while, and freelancing a few things (design, illustration, photography). And I’ll soon be making the jump from “part time retail” to “part time accounting clerk” – which is great because it means more money and less standing on my feet trying to look busy.

My volunteer background: Writing for various publications as a music reviewer and interviewer, being production manager for Discorder Magazine for a while, DJ at CiTR FM for years, Arts Director at CiTR for a couple years (managing a team of other reviewers), doing photography for Discorder, volunteering for music events like the WCMAs, JunoFest, Nearly Famous Music Festival and a few others I forget.

So I’ve been all over.

Now, clearly I’m no Mick Jagger, but at the very least I know how not to succeed, so there’s that. Learn from my mistakes as well as the times I got it right. And I’m opinionated enough to cover over any holes in my theories and resume.

If you wanna check out my work, here’s a crapload of links to keep you busy:

I’m probably forgetting a few things, but then I don’t think I have any of my illustrations or paintings posted online anymore and I don’t think I ever did get around to making a website with links to all my published writings, but then who really gives a damn about just how much I hated the new Skinny Puppy album a few years ago? And if you do, Google can probably dig it up for you anyway (hint: I think I wrote that piece for Spill Magazine.)

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