Donuts for breakfast

Had the day off today, well from the part time retail gig anyway, and in the absence of something to do and somewhere specifically to be at a set time, I stayed up way too late doing not much of anything, then didn’t wake up til 2pm then didn’t actually get out of bed til 4 when I begrudgingly admitted to myself that today’s episode of my comedy podcast The Zamo the Destroyer Show wasn’t going to post itself.

Got up, got dressed, and fired up the iMac to start uploading it to 3 different spots. And as I did, I noticed I was kinda hungry.

And, well, I had a box of a dozen donuts in the kitchen with just four left, so…

The breakfast of champions, right?

Well, it’s not the worst thing I ever did, but probably ‘twould have been better if I’d just bought myself one donut instead of the whole box, but oh well.

What was my point… Oh yes. Would have been a time when I’d’ve spazzed about that bad choice and let it tumble into a few dozen more and ruin my day and maybe my week, but I try to not bother now.

Not saying I always succeed in brushing myself off and getting back on track, but everyone has a few lousy lazy days now and then, and it might even be true that we need a few lousy lazy days to recharge.

Or, theoretically at least, we can use those to remind ourselves of how it kinda sucks to do nothing and piss away our time and eat crap.

In any case, donuts devoured and Zamo posted, I fired up the laptop and set to writing 4 or 5 comedy blog posts for my other site, scheduling them for July, then digging through my phone for photos I can use as featured images for this website, and now actually writing posts for here.

Maybe in the end those donuts actually do count as creative fuel.

Just don’t tell my personal trainer I ate them, k thx!

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