June, 2015

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Power Outage

So, my current day job is being a part-time sales associate at a medium-box retail store.

Today about 40 minutes before the end of my shift the power went out. It roared back to life a minute later, but the registers all took a good 10 minutes to come back online. No biggie, and it was a slow day and all the all the customers in the store had been there during the power outage, so they knew why there was a delay and they were all pretty cool while we all stood thee and waiting for the computers to deign to work again.

Five minutes before the end of my shift, the power went down again; this time it did not come back. So, we all went into emergency mode, quietly herding the remaining customers out to the front of the store and putting their goods on hold for them so they can come and pick them up tomorrow.

Once everybody was out, then it was time for us to sit and wait. The manager, of course, already phoned her superiors to let them know what was happening, as well as phoned to try and get information from the power company – who had no idea about anything.

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Donuts for breakfast

Had the day off today, well from the part time retail gig anyway, and in the absence of something to do and somewhere specifically to be at a set time, I stayed up way too late doing not much of anything, then didn’t wake up til 2pm then didn’t actually get out of bed til 4 when I begrudgingly admitted to myself that today’s episode of my comedy podcast The Zamo the Destroyer Show wasn’t going to post itself.

Got up, got dressed, and fired up the iMac to start uploading it to 3 different spots. And as I did, I noticed I was kinda hungry.

And, well, I had a box of a dozen donuts in the kitchen with just four left, so…

The breakfast of champions, right?

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Songwriting via eavesdropping on myself

The last maQLu album, Divisive, left me feeling drained. Some of the songs had been dragging on in my workflow for five years, some were newer, but at the end of it when I shipped the files off for mastering in late fall 2014, I was sick of all of them.

I quietly said to myself and a couple of my closest friends that this was it. I had no more music left in me that I cared about, just fragments that never seemed to ever congeal into anything worthwhile.

Leftovers I couldn’t be bothered to reheat.

I was so done with it that I didn’t even bother sending Divisive out to Canadian college radio, where every one of the previous EPs and albums I’d sent out had always charted in at least a few markets.

So it never really launched properly and I never really cared. I was busy with podcasts and stand-up comedy and a day job and taking night classes to learn bookkeeping to get a better day job and learning to play old Aerosmith songs on guitar rather than making new ones of my own, and I was fine with that. Relieved, even.

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Procrastinating while being busy

Hi, I’m Pyra, and I’m a procrastinator.

You wouldn’t know it from a surface glance: I seem to be busy enough and therefore productive enough, but that’s just because you haven’t seen the list of all the things I want to be doing but haven’t gotten around to.

Or the spare bedroom in my house turned super-sized junk drawer that I haven’t gotten around to tidying yet.

Or trail of half finished projects, books, songs, paintings…

And of course the busy-ness itself is part of the problem. Here’s what I’m currently up to:

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