Pen Name Pros and Cons

So, a while back I’d sent a Facebook friend request to a fella a know and quite like. Weeks passed, and finally I get the notification that he accepted. Yay!


Well, except a couple days later I went to message him on there and, oops, he’s MIA. And his profile is back to the “Send ____ a friend request” thing.


Was it something I said?

Well, coulda been any number of things but it got me thinking about the wisdom of working under an alias, depending on the sort of art you do.

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Long time no see…


I’ve had the best of intentions about getting back to blogging here for… well, since whenever the last post was.

You know what they say good intentions pave, right?

Anyway, I guess I’m getting on my New Year’s Resolutions a month early, will be trying to ramp up here slowly over the next month.

All at once, bit by bit

I’m probably the worst person to write on focus, or so I think. So many things on the go, pulled in so many directions.

But then I realized that actually I can focus very well in small chunks.

Case in point: today, I am uploading still image videos to YouTube in case anyone should want to listen to The Zamo the Destroyer Show there. I had had some up before, then thought I’d pull them down and just have videos where you actually see me on my own YouTube, so half the work of making the videos was done, but I still had to (re-)upload them all.

And for whatever reason I have no trouble singlemindedly knocking them out – one window open to a long line of YouTube uploads to monitor, another open to iMovie as I make new ones (9 down, 10 to go). I’m working factory style: as soon as a video finishes exporting from iMovie I add it to the upload queue, and so far this afternoon I’ve got 18 uploaded, 6 more currently waiting in line, one being exported, and 3 other later ones waiting their turn.

So why is it easy to focus on this today when I swear I can’t focus?

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Power Outage

So, my current day job is being a part-time sales associate at a medium-box retail store.

Today about 40 minutes before the end of my shift the power went out. It roared back to life a minute later, but the registers all took a good 10 minutes to come back online. No biggie, and it was a slow day and all the all the customers in the store had been there during the power outage, so they knew why there was a delay and they were all pretty cool while we all stood thee and waiting for the computers to deign to work again.

Five minutes before the end of my shift, the power went down again; this time it did not come back. So, we all went into emergency mode, quietly herding the remaining customers out to the front of the store and putting their goods on hold for them so they can come and pick them up tomorrow.

Once everybody was out, then it was time for us to sit and wait. The manager, of course, already phoned her superiors to let them know what was happening, as well as phoned to try and get information from the power company – who had no idea about anything.

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Donuts for breakfast

Had the day off today, well from the part time retail gig anyway, and in the absence of something to do and somewhere specifically to be at a set time, I stayed up way too late doing not much of anything, then didn’t wake up til 2pm then didn’t actually get out of bed til 4 when I begrudgingly admitted to myself that today’s episode of my comedy podcast The Zamo the Destroyer Show wasn’t going to post itself.

Got up, got dressed, and fired up the iMac to start uploading it to 3 different spots. And as I did, I noticed I was kinda hungry.

And, well, I had a box of a dozen donuts in the kitchen with just four left, so…

The breakfast of champions, right?

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